The GAY Foundation: Providing a generations-long legacy of self-sustained philanthropy for the global LGBT community, powered by GAY Money and its decentralized global network of participatory merchants.

The GAY Foundation is a private non-operating foundation, subsidized by GAY Money, Ltd., to autonomously administer a pre-established endowment (the non-staking Foundation Wallet) through grants, endowments, scholarships and charitable donations to other LGBT nonprofit organizations, institutions and individuals. Funding will feature an open and transparent process, from application to disbursement, guaranteed thru public documentation. Prioritization of funding will be achieved thru public input and overseen by the Foundation Board of Directors.

The principal determination of funds will be directed towards grants that support the social and legal rights of the LGBT community, as well as those that provide care and support for individuals with HIV/AIDS. Grants may include allocations to ongoing programs and projects, campaigns for marriage equality, transgender rights, advocacy for LGBT people of colour, mental health issues faced by the LGBTQ community, or acceptance of LGBT people in faith communities as some examples.

The Gay Foundation will also provide funding for LGBT-Positive artistic and cultural initiatives. We hope to help encourage and champion gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender artists, authors and crafts-people of all mediums, thru promotion, production and exhibition of their works. We truly seek to fund the most unique and creative projects we can find.

The application process will be open and public. The funds governed will take the form of GAY Money, a cryptocurrency project secured by a distributed peer-to-peer consensus blockchain network, and traded against other currencies. Our grants will vary in amount incidental to the significance and magnitude of the work proposed, but we do not discourage any request.

Applications will be made available through our official Portal at commencing December 2017, and the onset of sponsorship will begin January 2018. All funding proposals, decisions, and remunerations will be made a matter of public record and will be published as an ongoing basis on both the GAY Foundation website as well as an autonomous service such as Google Docs.